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´╗┐Heartburn is described as a burning sensation that can be felt in the chest specifically at the lower sternum. Such pain is caused by a reflux of digestive acid that shoots up and enter the lower esophagus thus resulting to a burning sensation and acute pain.

This condition is also called as acid reflux, cardialgia, pyrosis and GERD.

Statistically, 60 million of Americans suffer from this heartburn condition and needless to say its never pleasant when it occurs. That's why this article is written. To help you alleviate the pain and ultimately achieve heartburn cure. But because of the limitations of the length of this article. I'll be just covering some general heartburn cure, but if you want a detailed, step by step and immediate need for heartburn cure. I'll be happy to help you, just follow the link at the bottom of the article. It points to my blog and I'll recommend you to an ebook that has proven track record helping people achieve heartburn cure. Try to avoid scams, and this one is not. Because over a thousand of ex-heartburn sufferers can't be wrong.

Enough of that and let's get to the meat.

Its already know that some substances can cause heartburn. So, by simply avoiding this "triggers" you can achieve heartburn cure before it even started. Pretty neat huh!

But what substance that usually cause heartburn? Well here's the top 10. Drum roll please....

1. Caffeine - The top spot goes to caffeine and its derivatives, like colas, chocolates and some teas. This substances can cause the esophagus sphincter muscle to relax, thus resulting to backward flow of digestive acids.

2. Fatty Foods and Oily Foods - These substances slows down digestion because they need special enzymes that can digest them. The problem with longer digestion, foods begin to pile up in the stomach increasing pressure to the sphincter of the esophagus and eventually give way. There goes the digestive acids again, burning the esophagus.

3. Tomatoes - Tomatoes and tomato based products also causes heartburn. This kind of foods also relaxes the sphincter of the esophagus muscles.

4. Smoking - The chemicals from puffing a stick of cigarette causes to weaken the sphincter muscle of the lower esophagus.

5. Alcohol - Has relaxing effects on the sphincter muscle of the esophagus.

Now that you know what kind of foods to avoid. Let's add some tips on how to actually achieve heartburn cure.

You should try to eat high fiber diets. Also you can try some herbal supplements like ginger tea or ginger ale, which by the way is gaining popularity recently. Drinking lots of water also provides heartburn cure. Swallowing saliva. Saliva reduces acidity by 50%. Also it is best done with chewing gums, coz it will stimulate to produce more saliva.

But still, these are recommendations. It's best to ask you're physician before trying anything.


´╗┐Fever blisters or cold sores are small red blisters that usually appear on the lips and outer edges of the mouth. They often display a clear liquid and form scabs after a few days. They are caused by herpes virus that becomes active when something triggers them. There is no cure for cold sores, but there are remedies that will reduce the severity and frequency. They appear after colds, fever, exposure to sun and stress during menstruation.

Foods that contain chocolate, peanuts and other nuts, grains, peas, seeds, oatmeal and whole-wheat products should be cut out or reduced from the diet. Cold sore is preceded by tingling, burning or itching sensation, fever, and enlargement of lymph nodes close to the sores and a general feeling of malaise.

-When you feel the tingling, burning or itching sensation, rub juice from aloe plant on the affected area. Dab of aloe gel is effective too. Aloe will begin the healing process immediately and not allow the sore to grow.

-Apply cornstarch paste to the affected area.

-Mix a drop or two of grapefruit seed extract either with aloe or olive oil and dab it on the sore.

-Rub ice cube on the sore for 10 minutes every hour at the onset of fever blisters. It will prevent the movement of the virus to the skin.

-Extract of lemon balm reduces the symptoms and speeds up the healing process.

-Combine equal parts of tinctures of echinacea, calendula, oats, burdock, and lomatium. Take ' tsp four to fives time a day to soothe the inflamed tissue, remove the toxins from the body and kill the viruses and bacteria.

-Topical application of extract of mint will speed the healing of the blister.

-Drink several cups of sage tea with a dash of powdered ginger till the blisters are not cleared up.

-Steep an ordinary tea bag in boiling water, cool it and then apply to the blister. The blister should disappear within few days.

-Vaseline will help to moisturize and soften blisters to prevent them from cracking and bleeding.

-Dab a drop or two of St. John's Wort essential oil. It not only soothes, but reduces the pain and speeds up the healing process.

-Apply Witch Hazel on sores.

-Put some common salt on your moistened index finger and press it on to the sore for a minute twice a day for 2-3 days.

-Apply spirit of camphor on the sore.

The reader of this article should exercise all precautions while following instructions on the recipes from this article. Avoid using if you are allergic to something. The responsibility lies with the reader, not the site, and the writer.